Marston Orthodontics Virtual Appointments

During our mandated COVID-19 closure, we are working on ways to stay connected and support our patients who are in active orthodontic treatment as much as possible. Again, we apologize for not being able to schedule you a physical appointment during these uncertain times but have come up with a “Virtual Appointment” to help monitor your treatment and address any concerns you may have.

Get started by scheduling an appointment with us by text or phone at (858) 484-6100


Then follow these two simple steps:

1. Take Photos

Using spoons or fingers (to retract your lips and cheeks) your mobile phone and a helper (mom, dad, friend) , take 6 photos as shown below:

Tips for having great photos:

  • Have a friend take the photos for you.
  • Make sure your flash is on.
  • Try and capture just your mouth/teeth if possible.
  • Relax your lips – don’t make them tense!
  • IMPORTANT: keep your teeth together while taking the photos and make sure to bite on your back teeth.

Our team and Dr. Marston will then review your photos and meet you for your appointment on zoom. For some in-person appointments that we had to cancel we may reach out and ask you to complete a Virtual Appointment. Alternatively, you may complete a Virtual Appointment any time at your convenience.

2. Text the photos to us: (858) 484-6100