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WHY: In orthodontics, there are phases that are important to the successful outcome of orthodontic treatment. Once we level and align your teeth it is important to make sure that your bite is in its proper relationship to ensure that each tooth functions properly. With Twin Force/Forsus , our goal is to correct the bite as much as possible so as to move on to the next phase. True, in some cases, “rubber bands” are sufficient enough to accomplish this correction. However, in your case, not only will they enable us to apply a gentle, consistent pressure at all times, it allows you the freedom from the added effort that rubber bands will require.

HOW: This pressure is exercising your lower jaw to bite in the correct position and establish the correct bite.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You can expect it to take a few days to get used to. Like your braces, it is something new that your tongue and cheeks will be very curious about. Similar to your braces, these springs make cause a bit of soreness and that is to be expected and will relieve as time allows.

HOW LONG: We anticipate the results we are striving for in 4-6 months, depending on the response from each individual case. Treatment times may vary from patient to patient.

WHAT TO AVOID OR DO: Especially at the beginning you will need to be careful of what you eat. Soft foods are recommended. As it goes with braces, they will require extra care to clean them with your toothbrush and rinsing. If at all possible avoid over extending your jaw by opening too wide, as this can affect the function of the appliance.

WHAT TO DO IF: There are components to your appliance that allow the top and bottom teeth to connect. Should any component to your springs come loose or break, please call our office in order for us to repair/replace it. In the event that the spring (connected to the top) and the rod (connected to the bottom) are not connected to each other, the appliance is no longer at work or active. Again, please call our office in order for us to make any adjustments needed to continue with your orthodontic care: 858-484-6100

We appreciate your patience and co-operation during this phase of your orthodontic care. The fact that you have reached this step means that you are that much closer to a beautiful finish line!


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