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Ortho FAQs

Millions of Americans get orthodontic treatment every year. Though we do our best to answer your questions and concerns here in our office, these are some of the most commonly asked questions in our Rancho Penasquitos orthodontics office.

My teeth aren’t that crooked. Why am I being told I need braces?

Braces are used to straighten teeth to an optimal position in the mouth. Though this usually produces visually appealing results, it is not necessarily the primary reasoning for getting braces. Instead, straight teeth that do not overlap and are not overcrowded improve overall oral health and help prevent the build-up of decay.

When should my child have his first orthodontic examination?

The timing with which you first bring your child for an orthodontic exam is up to you. However, most children visit between the ages of six and ten. Your dentist may recommend visiting the orthodontist early if possible malocclusions are detected. Early treatment is essential for treating many orthodontic problems.

How do braces work?

When braces are applied to the teeth or worn as directed by an orthodontist, they can slowly restructure the positioning of the teeth using gentle, but targeted pressure applied over time. Because the teeth will begin to move after consistent wear, the fit of the braces must be refitted periodically. This experience may be somewhat uncomfortable in the days immediately following an adjustment, but this simply means that the braces are doing their job to move the teeth and make them straighter.

The appearance of traditional braces will interfere my job. Do I have other options?

Here at Marston Orthodontics, we specialize in alternative orthodontics. That means that if your teeth are not severely crowded or misaligned, you can qualify for invisible orthodontic treatment. A discreet orthodontic corrective device will be fitted to your teeth, where it will remain at all times – with the exception of when you are eating or brushing your teeth.

Will I need to wear a retainer after I complete treatment?

Once your teeth have reached their optimal position, your braces will be removed and you will be fitted for a retainer to maintain your results. At first, it will be necessary to wear your retainer around the clock to prevent your teeth from moving back into their original position. As time progresses, you may be allowed to wear your retainer only a few days a week or only at night.

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