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WHY: Dr Marston is requesting your help! During this phase of orthodontic care, wearing rubber bands are important to make sure that your bit is in its proper relationship to ensure that each tooth functions properly.

With rubber bands, we have the ability to train your jaw to bite in its correct position. These rubber bands will become your best friend for the next few weeks…with your help we will be putting the finishing touches on your smile.

HOW: This pressure is exercising your lower jaw to bite in the correct position and establish the correct bite.

HOW LONG: Each case is individually different, so the amount of time you will be wearing rubber bands largely depends upon you. The more help we get from you the sooner we will reach our goal, which is to get to that exciting day when we take your braces off!!

WHAT TO EXPECT: You can expect your teeth and jaws to be a bit sore. Once that initial soreness is gone your teeth and jaw will continue their momentum as you continue to wear them. So, hang in there and keep wearing them through the soreness! As it goes with rubber bands, they stretch and will soon give out in their strength so change them out throughout the day.

WHAT TO AVOID: Avoid eating with them. Take them out when you eat and brush your teeth. Once you are ready to resume wearing them, replace them with new ones.

WHAT TO DO IF: If you run out of rubber bands or lose them, please give our office a call and we will either drop some in the mail for you or you can stop by and pick some up. If your bracket that your rubber band attaches to comes loose or breaks, please contact our office, as we may want to see you sooner than your next appointment to repair/replace it: 858-484-6100

We appreciate your patience and co-operation! We consider this a team sport at this point in your orthodontic care…we look forward to working with you to achieve the ultimate goal, your awesome smile!


Fulltime: 24/7
Night time only: 8hr/day minimum
¾ time: 15-18 hr/day minimum


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